Sibiryakova N.V.
Astrakhan State Medical University
Shirinova Z.R.
 Astrakhan region polyclinic №1 «Children department polyclinic №1» in the clinic; «Secondary School №39»

Abstract. The relevance of this work is determined by a decrease in the physical capabilities of the younger generation that has been recorded in recent years, an increase in the incidence of acute and chronic diseases, which necessitates the formation and improvement of the effectiveness of health-improving measures. The influence of shortterm rest and the effectiveness of health improvement on the somatometric and physiometric indicators of children has been studied. Examined 201 people aged 7 — 15 years, who were for a period of rest in the children’s health center (DOC). Analysis of the somatometric and physiometric indicators of children in the dynamics of staying in the preschool center for a week without positive dynamics, which indicates that such shifts should be considered not health-improving, but shifts for organizing children’s recreation.

Keywords: children’s health center, health improvement for children and adolescents, rest.

Volume 6, Issue 12(62) p. 15-17 PDF

DOI: 10.52013/2658-7556-62-12-3