Kasharnaya Olga Vladislavovna, Salimzade Emil Aflatun oglu, Ermilova Tatiana Sergeevna
Astrakhan State University
Samburova Margarita Aleksandrovna

Abstract. The article describes the involvement of selenium in the biophysical, metabolic, and energetic processes of humans and animals, its biological functions in the living systems. The authors mention the importance of the opening and further study of the microelement for living organisms and their protection from pathology and viruses. The content of the microelement in food products and plants are discussed as well as the necessity in an increase in agricultural crops and farm animal production efficiency.

Keywords: selenium, microelement, biological properties of selenium, antioxidant protection, anticarcinogenic factor.

Volume 7, Issue 10(72) p. 5-9 PDF

DOI: 10.52013/2658-7556-72-10-1